Construction and use of an all weather road, with creek crossing structures exceeding 5m in width. This Licence is for federal (IAB) Lands from approximately Km156-164. The road crosses the Nahanni National Park Reserve from
approximately Km17-100 where the jurisdiction is Parks Canada. For the IAB (federal area) portion of the road. 

This Water Licence is accompanied by Permit MV2014F0013 and Water Licence MV2014L8-0006

Please Note: This Water Licence and associated Permit are linked to Parks Canada Land Use Permit PC2014F0013 and Water Licence PC2014L8-0006


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E.g., 01/17/2020

6. Management Plans

Waste Management Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
MV2019L8-0002 - CZN - All Season Road Project - Waste Management Plan V2 - Nov27-19.pdf (10.58 MB) November 27, 2019 December 2, 2019

7. Monitoring Programs

Other Monitoring Program
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MV2019L8-0002 - CZN - Independent Technical Review Panel Terms of Reference Dec4_19.pdf (210.91 KB) December 4, 2019 December 4, 2019

9. GIS Data

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MV2019L8-0002 - CZN - GIS (1.49 MB) March 13, 2019 March 13, 2019