Release of Updated LWB Guidance Documents

The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley (LWBs) are pleased to announce the release of the following updated LWB guidance documents:

Water Use Fee Policy

Standard Outline for Management Plans

Geospatial Data Submission Standards (previously titled the Guideline for Geographic Information System (GIS) Submissions Standard).

Standard Process for New Conditions

These updates are administrative in nature and form part of the LWBs’ ongoing efforts to improve consistency and clarity regarding LWB policies and processes. The revisions reflect legislative changes related to devolution; recently updated water licence and land use permit application forms; and current LWB policies, processes, and guidance documents.

The LWBs would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that, as set out in the Document Submission Standards, all environmental reports (e.g., Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program, Surveillance Network Program, special studies, etc.) and closure cost estimates must be accompanied by the raw data in an unsecured excel format.