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Great Bear Lake Lodge Ltd - S19L3-001

​Great Bear Lake Lodge has submitted an application for a Water Licence renewal to use Water for municipal undertaking related solely to the lodge operation, deposit Grey Water to a Sewage Disposal Facilities, and deposit solid Waste to a Solid Waste Disposal Facilities at Great Bear Lake Lodge, located near Dease Arm of Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, and to undertake any associated activities required to restore the surrounding area to its original condition. Great Bear Lake Lodge is a fishing camp in operation since 1967. The lodge has a capacity to acommodate 50 guests and 30 staff and operates from late June until mid September under a GNWT Tourism Operator Licence and a NWT Land Lease.

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1. Permit - Licence - Other Issuances
All Issuances
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - Licence Cover page and conditions - May 21_19.pdf (1.26 MB)
S19L3-001 - Reasons for Decision - May 17_19.pdf (605.29 KB)
S19L3-001 - Decision Letter - May 21_19.pdf (469.49 KB)
2. Initial/Renewal Application
Application and Related Docs
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - Application Fee - Mar 25_24.pdf (34.17 KB)
S19L3-001 - Renewal Water Licence Applic Fee - March 21_19.pdf (151.92 KB)
S19L3-001 - GBLL SLUP Conformity - Mar 11_19.pdf (123.32 KB)
S19L3-001 - Renewal Application - Mar 6_19.pdf (908.01 KB)
S19L3-001 - GBL Lodge location map - Mar 6_19.pdf (312.96 KB)
Consultations - Reviews - Work Plans
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - Staff Report 1- Water Licence renewal - May 3_19.pdf (314.89 KB)
S19L3-001 - Licence Renewal Review Comment Table and attached Letters - May 10_19.pdf (723.42 KB)
S19L3-001 - Draft Water Licence - Mar 11_19.pdf (349.65 KB)
Preliminary Screening
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - Request for Exemption from PES - Mar 6_19.pdf (400.41 KB)
5. Reports and Studies
Annual Reports
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - Great Bear Lake Lodge - 2021 Annual Water Licence Report - Mar 31_23.pdf (251.13 KB)
S19L3-001 - Great Bear Lake Lodge - 2022 Annual Water Licence Report - Mar 31_23.pdf (3.81 MB)
6. Management Plans
Engagement Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - GBLL Engagement Record and Plan 2017- 2019 - Mar 6_19.pdf (377.6 KB)
Spill - Contingency - Emergency Response
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - GBLL Spill Contingency Plan version 4.0 - Apr 17_19.pdf (1.58 MB)
S19L3-001 - GBLL Spill Contingency Plan v. 3.0 - Mar 6_19.pdf (937.87 KB)
Waste Management Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - Bear Waste Management Plan Version 3.0 - Apr 17_19.pdf (723.93 KB)
S19L3-001 - GBLL Waste Management Plan v. 2.0 - Mar 6_19.pdf (360.35 KB)
8. Closure and Reclamation
Final Closure and Reclamation Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S19L3-001 - Bear Closure and Restoration Plan version 3.0 - Apr 17_19.pdf (701.11 KB)
S19L3-001 - GBLL Closure and Reclamation Plan v. 2.0 - Mar 6_19.pdf (334.57 KB)