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EGT Northwind Ltd. - G21S003

​Geotechnical Drilling, for the purpose of environmental site assessment, at the historic Inuvik waste disposal site (located North of the Inuvik Satellite Station). Ten boreholes are proposed, each with a depth between 15m and 20m.  

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1. Permit - Licence - Other Issuances
All Issuances
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G21S003 - EGT Northwind - Inuvik Geotechnical Drilling - Permit Issuance Package - Mar28_22.pdf (1.15 MB)
2. Initial/Renewal Application
Application and Related Docs
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
G21S003 - DRAFT Land Use Permit - Dec10_21.pdf (285.55 KB)
G21S003 - Permit Application - EGT Northwind Geotechnical Drilling Inuvik Landfill - Dec07_21.pdf (8.91 MB)
Consultations - Reviews - Work Plans
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
G21S003 -EGT Northwind Response to Information Request 2 - Mar25_22.pdf (1.19 MB)
G21S003 - Information Request 2 to EGT Northwind - Feb03_22.pdf (151.62 KB)
G21S003 - GNWT Department of Lands Response to Information Request - Feb02_22.pdf (215.89 KB)
G21S003 - EGT Northwind Geotech - Reviewer Comment Summary Table - Jan18_22.pdf (69.21 KB)
G21S003 - Information Request to GNWT Department of Lands - Jan19_22.pdf (186.33 KB)
Further Study Requested Sec. 22.2.b
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
G21S003 - EGT NorthWind Geotechnical Drilling - Notification of Pause in Proceeding MVLUR 22(2)(b) - Jan26_22.pdf (157.22 KB)
Preliminary Screening
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
G21S003 - EGT Northwind Geotechnical Drilling - Notification of Preliminary Screening Determination - Jan26_22.pdf (654.63 KB)