GNWT-INF (Sahtu) - S21Q-004

The GNWT-INF is planning to develop a new quarry (Dhu-1). The Project includes the following physical works and activities:

• Construction of an approximately 4 kilometre (km) winter access road from km 966.6 of the Mackenzie Valley Winter Road (MVWR) to Dhu-1 quarry

• Development and operation of the Dhu-1 quarry to produce up to 600,000 m3 of crushed rock (“material”)

• Stockpiling of material

• Construction and operation of temporary facilities to service the Project such as laydown areas, construction camp, explosive storage/mixing facility, fuel storage, equipment maintenance and storage areas, water supply, power generation and waste management

• Stabilization of quarry faces and stockpiles and removal of camp and equipment

The quarry is not proposed to be closed and reclaimed after the Project, as the quarry is intended to remain available for future use.


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S21Q-004 - GNWT-INF - Dhu-1 Quarry - Preliminary Screening Determination and RFD - Nov 10_21.pdf (339.86 KB) November 10, 2021 November 10, 2021
S21Q-004 - Preliminary Screening Notification - Nov 10_21.pdf (226.78 KB) November 10, 2021 November 10, 2021