​Off right-of-way activities to operate and maintain the Norman Wells (Line 21) pipeline from Norman Wells, NT to the Alberta/Northwest Territories border. Permitted activities include use and maintenance of cleared fireguard areas, seasonal trails and shoo flies, all-weather roads, campsites, workspaces, borrow sites, an airstrip, and application of herbicides. 

Previously permitted under MV2013P0011.

Transboundary with Dehcho Region and the Sahtu and Metis Settlement Area.


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E.g., 08/04/2020

1. Permit - Licence - Other Issuances

Security and Water Use Fees
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MV2020P0006 - Enbridge Pipelines Inc - Receipt - Application Fee.pdf (39.27 KB) May 20, 2020 July 29, 2020

2. Initial/Renewal Application