As part of the ongoing process of establishing, confirming and enhancing the known mineral resource at the Prairie Creek property, Canadian Zinc proposes to develop an exploration decline to permit access for underground exploration drilling of the stratabound deposit underlying the Zone 3 quartz vein mineralization. Further delineation of the vein-type mineralization will be undertaken at the same time. The proposed decline will be accessed from the existing 870 m portal and the 880 m level. The decline will have a 15% downward grade, and will be developed in the footwall of the Vein deposit, but distant from the Vein and would not cross the Vein.  The proposed decline will allow drilling to be conducted from underground about 200 m above the stratabound, as compared to drilling from surface which would require approximately 450 m long holes, resulting in a substantial saving in drilling costs. 


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MV2019C0011 - CZN - Issuance Letter with Permit-Conditions and RFD - Type A LUP - Sept9-19.pdf (720.95 KB) September 9, 2019 September 9, 2019
MV2019C0011 MV2019L2-0006 - CZN - Type A LUP - Type B WL - Staff Report and Comments - Aug29-19.pdf (1.55 MB) August 29, 2019 September 9, 2019

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