GNWT-INF - MV2017X0008

The continuous and ongoing operation and maintenance of the existing NWT Public Highway system within thepermit area along the Yellowknife Highway (NWT No.3) between kilometre 200 and kilometre 338.8 (end of Highway #3) and along the Ingraham Trail (NWT No.4) between kilometre 0 (lntersection with the Yellowknife Highway at km 337.3) and km 69.2 (Tibbitt Lake - the end of the Highway) Corridor and includes the Community Access Roads for Behchoko (Rae) and Dettah and other minor roads along the Yellowknife Highway -Ingraham Trail Corridor.


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3. Amendment Application
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MV2017X0008 - GNWT-INF - Preliminary Screening Notification to Review Board - Aug 9_19.pdf (454.73 KB) August 9, 2019 August 9, 2019
MV2017X0008 - GNWT - INF - Amendment - Preliminary Screening.pdf (367.4 KB) March 22, 2019 March 22, 2019