MVLWB Directory

Mailing Address

Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board

P.O. Box 2130

4922 - 48th Street

7th Floor YK Centre Mall

Yellowknife, NT. X1A 2P6

Main office: (867) 669-0506

Fax: (867) 873-6610

General Enquiries

Amanda Gauthier, Executive Coordinator, (867) 766-7460 

Tanya Lantz, Community Outreach Coordinator, (867) 766-7452

Shelagh Montgomery, Executive Director, (867) 766-7457 

Regulatory Team

*For questions, requests for information, or to schedule a meeting to discuss the application process, please contact the Regulatory Coordinator, Jen Potten

Shannon Allerston, Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7465

Lindsey Cymbalisty, Senior Technical Advisor, (867) 766-7471

Katherine Harris, Senior Technical Advisor, (867) 766-7470

Jacqueline Ho, Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7455

Chris Hotson, Regulatory Manager (on leave)

Erica Janes, Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7466

Sean Joseph,  Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7469

Angela Love, Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7456

Tyree Mullaney, Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7464

Kimberley Murray, Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7458

Angela Plautz, Senior Regulatory Policy Advisor, (867) 766-7461

Jen Potten, Acting Regulatory Manager, (867) 766-7468 

Heather Scott, Senior Technical Advisor, (867) 766-7463

Andy Wheeler, Regulatory Specialist, (867) 766-7467

Media Requests

If you are looking for information or would like to set up an interview, please contact the Executive Director, available at the phone number and email address above.

Due to the quasi-judicial nature of the Regulatory Process of the Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley, there are certain limitations as to what the Board Chair and Executive Director are able to speak about. Board decisions, submissions made by other parties, or any other evidence must speak for themselves.

The primary source of information for all matters currently before the Board is the MVLWB Public Registry. The Registry contains all the evidence the Board has on a particular file. We encourage you to contact the developer of a project that is under review to obtain details about their project. Land and Water Board staff can only provide a cursory overview of the project. The developer will be best able to describe its own project. 

Media requests are referred to designated Executive Directors, who may provide remarks on procedural issues. It may be acceptable in certain situations for written responses to be provided by the Executive Director(s) to media requests. 

Access to Information Requests

The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board is an independent, public board funded by the federal government. Its governing legislation is the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act (MVRMA) and the Board is subject to the federal Access to Information and Privacy Acts. To submit a request, please visit our Access to Information Requests page.