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LWBs Release Updated Standard Water Licence Conditions and Schedules Template

The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley (LWBs) are pleased to announce the release of the Standard Water Licence Conditions and Schedules Template, Version 2.0. This version of the Template includes new Schedules, which provide the detailed information requirements associated with some conditions in the Security, Construction, Waste and Water Management, and Closure and Reclamation sections of the Template. Some existing standard conditions were also updated in the Template to reflect public review comments on the draft Schedules, and new or revised LWB guidance documents, and to correct administrative errors.

The Template will be used during the review and approval process for new licences, renewals and amendments (including amendments initiated by the licensee, the LWBs, or as part of an assignment process). Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of all the conditions that may be included in licences issued by the Boards, and not all conditions will be included in all licences.

To access the Template, you can do so here: word, pdf.

The LWBs have also prepared responses to reviewer comments and recommendations, which you can view here.