2021 Youth Multimedia Contest Winners Announced

The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley are pleased to announce the winners from the 2021 Youth Online Multimedia Contest! The Youth Online Multimedia Contest is a celebration of the water, land and our connection to the environment.  There were three categories to showcase their relationship to water and land in all its forms, through video, photography and artwork.  Prizes have been awarded to the top submissions and runners-up in each category.  For your viewing pleasure please click on the link ( or see below).

Lauren Victoria Lalonde
Lauren Victoria Lalonde, 1st Place Winner - Photo, 13 and Under.


Zachary Mandeville
Zachary Mandeville, 2nd Place - Photo, 13 and Under.


Contessa Gagnon & Chloe Beaverho
Contessa Gagnon & Chloe Beaverho, 1st Place Winner - Artwork, 13 and Under.


Tendesai Mufandaedza
Tendesai Mufandaedza, 2nd Place Winner - Artwork, 13 and Under.


Kenzley and Katie Charlie, 1st Place Winner - Video, 13 and Under. 


David Amos
David Amos, 1st Place Winner - Artwork, 14-25.


Alaina Joe-Beaudin
Alaina Joe-Beaudin, 2nd Place Winner - Artwork, 14-25.


Justine Vittrekwa, 1st Place Winner - Video, 14-25. 


Sommer Wiley, 2nd Place Winner - Video, 14-25.