GNWT-INF - W2016E0004

This Permit entitles the Permittee to conduct the following land-use operations:a) Construction, maintenance, and operation of an all-season highway;b) development and operation of quarries, including associated access roads;c) the operation of construction camps, including equipment, fuel and material storage areas and maintenance facilities;d) the use of explosives;e) the use of self-propelled earth-moving equipment, and vehicles and machines over 10 tons;f) the establishment of a petroleum storage facility;g) the use of earth-drilling machinery;h) construction of access roads and winter roads; andi) construction of bridges and culverts.The Project is for the Construction, Maintenance, and operation for an all-season Highway [Tlicho All-Season Road], including use of associated quarries, access road, camps, fuel storage, and heavy equipment. The Road begins near KM 196 along Highway 3 to the Tlicho Community of Whati, NT.


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