Interview Requests

If you are looking for information or would like to inquire about securing an interview, please call the Executive Director at the MVLWB. To contact the Executive Director, please visit the contact page.

Because of the quasi-judicial nature of the Land and Water Board, there are limitations on what the Chairperson and staff can speak about. For ongoing land use permitting or water licensing proceedings, you will only be able to request an interview with Land and Water Board staff. The Chairperson and Board Members are not permitted to comment on matters before the Board. Further, the staff member designated as the spokesperson for a particular file will comment on the regulatory process only.

Land and Water Board decisions, submissions made by other parties, or any other evidence must speak for itself. The staff cannot provide interpretations or explanations of submissions that are on the public record. All information is available on the Land and Water Board’s Public Registry. If you would like to gain a better understanding of what is  on the Registry, please contact the groups, individuals, or outside experts who submitted the particular document(s).

You are encouraged to speak to the individuals or groups involved in the regulatory process for their perspectives on a Board decision. It is advisable to make sure they have had a chance to read the reason for decision before soliciting their comments.