Getting Background Information

There are a number of sources you can use for background information about the Land and Water Board and ongoing regulatory proceedings and/or initiatives.

For regulatory proceedings

Aside from using the Public Registry, which contains all the evidence the MVLWB has on file, contact the proponent of the project under review, and if applicable, visit company websites to get more specific details about the application before the Board. MVLWB staff can only give you a cursory overview of the project and the specific application before the Board. The proponent is the best one to describe its own project. The Board Members or staff will not do this for you in an interview.

Please also consider contacting intervener groups to find out more about their positions and the evidence they submit to the file.  These groups are normally listed on MVLWB media advisories in advance of public hearings. Again, the Land and Water Board members or staff will not do this for you in an interview.

For ongoing initiatives

The MVLWB often highlights ongoing initiatives in its quarterly newsletters. In the news section of the website, you will find all major current news items.

Additionally, the website contains information on co-management, the regulatory process, current initiatives, information about the Board Members, upcoming events and background resources. These sections of the website provide important background information that may assist you with your specific inquiry.

For more information, please call the MVLWB Executive Director. See contact page on MVLWB website.